Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Five questions

A few days ago Josh "The Co-Creator" Bernhard proposed I ask five yes or no questions which he would answer. (He actually said there was one question he wouldn't answer, but I feel that to reveal the question would be cheating.) Belwo are the results of those questions. Of course now I wish I'd asked different questions, but that's always the way:

P1FS: Are you planning any scenes located off-planet?

JB: Not this season.

P1FS: Will there be a storyline about a romantic involvement between Yuri and Jane?

JB: You're watching it.

P1FS: Is anyone on the DHS team (including Francis Norton) not what they seem, in terms of either their allegiance or knowing more than we think they do?

JB: No. (But you should have a beer with Norton some time.

P1FS: Will we be meeting any more cosmonauts?

JB: Yes

P1FS: Aside from the coordinates, do the numbers appearing on the computer at the end of episode 1, have any significance?

JB: No

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