Monday, 14 February 2011

The shape of things to come

First spoilers showed sex, and now violence! There are some pictures over at the Facebook page of Bracey trying out a blood capsule, so it looks like blood will be shed in an upcoming episode.

Actually one of the things I liked about the first two episodes was the absence of these things. Tom Taylor wasn't called from his bed while entertaining a hot blonde, and he didn't strip to the waist and have a fist fight with the Canadian Government guy. It makes the thing feel more novel-esque and slow burning like a Greg Bear novel rather than an 24 style show. That said I still look forwards to whatever is in store...


  1. Remember, context is everything...

  2. Intriguing..... Now it occurs to me that maybe one of the characters takes a blood capsule for some reason, or, more likely, Yuri coughs up blood?